Microsoft AI is a wakeup call for gas and oil firms

Microsoft AI is a wakeup call for gas and oil firms
Microsoft AI is a wakeup call for gas and oil firms

Microsoft Artificial Intelligence has been marked as a big risk to the jobs in different fields. And this risk is not only a future perception but also the reality of the present.

This is all thanks to Artificial Intelligence that we face robots as receptionists, we do purchase pizzas and burgers from robots and we also get served by the robots in different hotels and restaurants.

Artificial intelligence no doubt poses a question mark on the issue of jobs and their survival. But now it has started posing threat to the oil and gas industry,  alongside the jobs.

And this is the perception made by Microsoft, that Artificial intelligence (AI) is now posing the greatest threat to the oil and gas industry over the up coming five to 10 years.

The perception has been made by Microsoft’s oil and gas director for the Middle East and Africa.

On Wednesday, while Speaking at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition Conference (ADIPEC), Omar Saleh said that the technology disruptions over the past 3 years had been a “wake-up call” for all of the oil and gas firms.

Omar Saleh, while speaking at occasion also said AI would be of “massive importance” to the oil and gas industry over the coming years.  But he added that it (AI) would also be posing the greatest risk to the oil and gas sector overall.

The U.S. shale revolution has paved the way for a three-year oil price downturn that did  sent crude spiraling from more than $100 a barrel in the year 2014 to about $60 today. And that has piled pressure on the oil-dependent economies of OPEC nations and has forced a round of production cuts this year.

On Tuesday, Baker Hughes GE CEO Lorenzo Simonelli commented  “continuous disruption” in the oil and gas industry should be viewed in a positive way.

The perception made by Microsoft seems to be true but this is the world of technology and we can expect the things that are even not worthy to be imagined that is the way we can expect happening something that is beyond the perceptions.

But if the declaration made by Microsoft becomes true, than what would be happening in the upcoming 50 years? Just compare the world of today with that of 50 years ago and imagine the year 2067.


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