Bored Microsoft programmer built a bot that tweets anytime

Bored Microsoft programmer built a bot that tweets anytime

Microsoft engineer develops Bot which tweets swear words and people loving it

Developers, with their boring and tough job, also happens to be humans, they have the desire too for making out witty comments even at those places where it looks impossible.

We witnessed a recent example of a Microsoft developer, which seems to be tired and bored at his workplace and to get rid of this boredom he has made a Twitter bot that tweets swear words devoid of any concern of time, language, and platform.

Gitlost, a hilarious twitter bot that stalks the GitHub API for comments that contain crudity. Later on, bot publicizes it on Twitter for everyone to read. Behind this entire scene, there is a software engineer of MS Azure named Will Pearson who has developed.

People found it funny and admired this new addition to the Twitter arena since it has got the fame so developers from all over the world are getting attentive to it. The tweets are amusing and super hilarious, witty with the addition of swear words here and there.

This AI bot would be favourite times pass for many Twitteratis particularly developers looking for a little fun to fritter away their time and to loosen up a bit.

Will was smart enough to mute commit links from where the swear words in question have been seen. If we can say that only cause was to block opportunistic devs from using this bot for publicity and media hype purposes.

The bot was launched back in 2013 and has tweeted more than 40,000 thousand tweets. You will find obscenity-ridden commit messages and tweets on it.

GitHub users are still continuing to supply it with the spanking new curse on the daily basis. At least 10 tweets per day are the normal routine for both, and we are sure that it will be more than enough to make your day enjoyable.



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