One of the biggest debates in recent times around the Xbox One X this week has been its $500 price. That’s superior to some, counting a number of analysts, thought it would be. It is the most influential console ever completed, and Microsoft never backed away from declaring it would have a premium value point, yet, some reactions sticker shock specified its $100 more than PS4 Pro. Currently, Mike Ybarra Xbox engineering lead made it more impressive by saying $500 is an outstanding value.

, Speaking to TechRadar, Ybarra the Xbox network is all about giving people choices. “We’re all about the option,” he said, spotting to the Xbox One S as a more than a competent console that is accessible at a comparatively reasonably priced point, starting at $250 right now.

Meanwhile, The Xbox One X is aimed at the “high-end gamer,” and it has a worth point that reflects that. “If you claimed that you’re a high-end gamer and you wish for the absolute best promising experience there’s no place you’ll find an enhanced performance to price ratio than Xbox One X,” he added. “True 4K, all the features you observe in the briefing at $499, that value proposition are great.”

Top of the hierarchy in terms of performance and price is the PC market. “If you’re using PC you’re going to be about $1500 or accordingly, so that’s an additional area,” Ybarra said. “We find irresistible when it comes to Windows gaming. A lot of our games, roughly 20 of them in the show, are available to be on Windows too.”

“So that’s the spot that I love to say, ‘What type of gamer are you?’ and let you make your mind up what’s best for you.”

In some reports, it is declared that the Xbox One X launches on November 7. Microsoft has released a video in which an Xbox engineer assembles the console bit by bit. It’s really cool to watch.


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