Microsoft Excel update fixes a significant workplace problem

Microsoft Excel update fixes a significant workplace problem

With the help of a recent version, it could soon be much easier to build the gigantic Microsoft Excel workbook of your goals.

The software for creating a preadsheet can be difficult to use, particularly when groups of people are all contributing to a main or central file that frequently changes and requires constant attention.

Microsoft Excel has announced that it will be adding a new feature known as “@mentions” which will make working with spreadsheets much easier than before.

“@mentions” in Microsoft Excel

@mentions enable Google Workspace users to tag colleagues both within and outside of their organization. Tagged content can be requested to correct as well as more information or clarification.

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According to the Microsoft 365 roadmap says that you can use @mentions in order to “create assignments, create and manage the tasks you have in the workbook.”

The general availability date is October 20, 2022. However, it’s currently being put into its “rolling out” phase, meaning that some users might already be able to access it.

At present the moment, the only computer Excel users can use this feature. However, all users across the globe can benefit from this new function.

Microsoft Excel’s latest update encourages collaboration between teams online within the modern age of hybrid work.

Recently, the business introduced the option of adding URLs for spreadsheet entries, rather than copying and pasting plain text.

Excel Live allows Microsoft Teams users launch Excel documents directly from their meeting screen. Collaborators can alter an Excel spreadsheet that is shared without having to leave Microsoft Teams.


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