The tech giant wants to launch an AI startup program to connect companies with mentors, investors, and researchers to accelerate testimony of perception ideas.

Microsoft is connecting the ranks of Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and investing in artificial intelligence (AI) research in EuropeParisian coworking base Station F entitled itself the biggest startup campus in the globe. The space has the facility and capacity for 1,000 small companies,8 event spaces, and one maker space.

To facilitate startups accelerate their ventures Microsoft wants to provide its expertise and launch an AI program designed. We can say a mini-incubator for AI ideas; Microsoft will lend expertise across over compulsory areas from the field of science and technology to business insight, and serving founders to connect with investors, researchers and mentors.

“Primarily 5 startups will be welcomed into the crease, opening with, a platform where developers can “build, train, set up and scrutinize intelligent bots”. Jean-Philippe Courtois, president of Microsoft global sales, marketing, and operations stated. He added Microsoft hopes to facilitate and helped 100 startups within the first year of the scheme.


“I definitely trust that AI will play the main role in tackling some of the huge global challenges we presently face in farming, healthcare, environment, and education,” says Courtois.

French ecosystem was being focused by Microsoft for several years now; with Courtois declaring the company has assisted 3,000 start-ups develop. All of this is throughout helping incorporate its own cloud infrastructure, Sapphire, into their services. Nowadays, the tech giant wishes to dig up at the ground level in a segment that is flourishing across Europe and has the impending to impact each industry.

Based in a past train station built in 1929, Station F will congregate 3,000 desks for its 1,000 startups from corner to corner 34,000m2 of a room. In addition to Microsoft, the base is now home to “Facebook Garage” primary startup incubator by Facebook.



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