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Microsoft may have given up on Surface Earbuds after more than two years

Currently, the TWS headphones are priced at 1,588 CNY in the Microsoft China Store, and both the glacier white and the graphite gray colors are out of stock in both colors. The TWS headphones have been available on the web for more than 2 years.

It was Microsoft that released the Surface Earbuds just in time for the global wave of major manufacturers to launch their own headphones at the same time, but the headphones were significantly more expensive and uncompetitive compared to other friendly products.

It is common for wearable devices to undergo a number of firmware updates over the lifespan of the device, providing users with richer features and resolving known bugs through firmware updates.

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There haven’t been any updates to the Surface Earbuds since they were launched, and the last update to the Surface Earbuds was in September 2020. It was in May 2020 when the first firmware update for the Surface Earbuds was released, and in September of that year, a second firmware update was released after a new graphite gray color was introduced to the Surface Earbuds. In spite of this, Microsoft has not released any updates since the original release.

There is no doubt that Surface Earbuds are mature, but that does not mean that further optimizations are not needed. There are currently known problems with Microsoft Surface Earbuds, including the following.

The headphones make a hissing noise when you play audio through them

There is an issue with the audio being out of sync between the left and right headphones

There is a long latency between the headphones and the connected devices when using headphones

Issues with Bluetooth connectivity in crowded areas

There can only be one headset charged at a time in the charging case

The headset does not charge when the battery is low or the headset stops working


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