Microsoft adds new prompt


Microsoft has been going full force in trying to promote its web browser in Edge against the more popular web browser in Google Chrome and has always tried subtle ways to push its browser forward. However, the previously subtle ways that Microsoft adopted have now turned into somewhat of an underhanded method just earlier this year as Microsoft has made it more and more harder to switch the default edge browser after the release of Windows 11.

And now, their latest attempt at this endeavor comes in the form of prompt window featuring in the edge browser which goes on to discourage people from downloading Chrome on their PC.

Via the aid of multiple tries coming forward then on multiple systems, we have now confirmed that one of these prompts, which appear rather different from the pop ups or the prompts that you would typically find inside a website as they seem to be rendered natively by edge. The prompt makes its way when you visit the Google Chrome browser while making use of Microsoft edge as your browser. The prompt comes about with no decline button and the only way that you can get rid of is by making use of the close prompt button marked X on the top right.

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To be completely fair to Microsoft though, Google also proceeds to send some of these prompts and also some of the pop-ups when using its search engine or other services. However, at least Google allows to reject its advances.

As mentioned above then, Microsoft has indeed been trying to implement a large number of methods in order to retain its users on its native edge browser, but some have indeed managed to circumvent it cleverly, like Mozilla and Firefox.

These tricks do seem like a bit desperate from Microsoft but at the end of the day, if they work, then they’ll turn out good.


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