Microsoft possibly working on a Windows Lite version!

    Microsoft possibly working on a Windows Lite version!
    Microsoft possibly working on a Windows Lite version!

    Microsoft seems to be in the developing stages of working on a possible competitor to the Chrome OS by providing a version of Windows which will seemingly be the cut down version of the same model of the Windows currently being used which will be known as Windows Lite. Moreover it has been reported that this Windows Lite version was mentioned in a documentation of a recently built Windows and it is widely predicted that Windows will be looking to target the Chrome OS market with the upcoming version.

    Now we have previously seen that when Microsoft introduced the Windows 8 to the world, they also released a version which was called the Windows RT which was specifically designed for ARM devices. It was largely ignored in the technological market as according to the consumers the version lacked features or the version simply didn’t have enough the features to interest the people in to buying this version of the Windows.

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    There is also another version that may suit the bill which was the Windows 10S which like the Windows RT had a similar problem and moreover the restriction imposed by Microsoft’s restrictions that only apps available at the Windows store can be downloaded, made matters worse, eventually this version of the Windows was also cancelled.

    Finally the question on the minds of many people would be that, what is different in this particular version. Well we think there may be a more advanced UI and moreover this version as the name suggests may be super light on the resources, running in pretty much every CPU in the market these days. Now after the failures of two of its similar versions, people will be hoping that things will be different this time around hence Microsoft have to come up with something which in turn prove the company’s value. Microsoft will be looking to grab a significant amount of market share with this product.


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