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Microsoft Teams app now includes TikTok remixed ringtones

Microsoft Teams app now includes TikTok remixed ringtones

TikTok is a very popular app nowadays. It’s clear that other apps are copying its features, for instance, the way Instagram as well as Facebook recently launched reels based on TikTok. Microsoft appears to have taken pleasure in TikTok videos too and has added a remixed version team’s ringtone within Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams app.

Calum Newton, who is also known by the name CandyMoore.mp3 on TikTok created the Teams remix for the ringtone.

This remix was created by combining the lively sound that comes from Microsoft Co-founder Bill Gates with electronic dance music. The sound can be heard when your boss wants to speak to you and you are eager to be excited.

Microsoft deleted Bill Gates’ voice for reasons related to team, but the product in the end is exactly the same as TikTok.

Microsoft’s official TikTok account has responded to the clip, declaring “we love the style of Picasso.”

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Surbhi Lohia, Microsoft Teams product manager, explained.

“Calum Newton,” who is accompanied by the name of CandyMoore.mp3 through social networking sites, has created an amazing version of the original ringtone which is why we reached out asking him to come up with an alternate version we could be able to share with you. The remix is available to users who want to customize their experience on Teams, and it is loud enough to cause you to dance. “

The altered ringtone can be heard when you navigate to settings, and after that “calls” within Teams. Then, select “Remix” on the ringtone menu.

The option should be accessible on both the web and desktop version of Microsoft Teams today, and in the event that it’s not the desktop version, it needs to be upgraded.

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