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Microsoft Teams Communities Feature – A New Target for Facebook Groups

Since Covid introduced us to video conferencing apps, we have actively used them for multiple meetings. One of the most commonly used video conferencing applications is Microsoft Teams, which can be very helpful when it comes to organizing company meetings or classes over the Internet. However, this app offers much more now that it is introducing new features, which further increases its popularity and further increases its usage. The Communities feature was recently launched on Android and iOS. In Microsoft Teams, the Communities feature allows users to enjoy more personal usage than what is available in Facebook groups.

There are different types of groups you can be a part of on Microsoft Teams. For example, a football team group, a traders association group, or any other such group. Similarly to the previous version of the application, you can chat and make video calls. In addition, you are able to schedule events, post messages, and share documents among members of the group.

On Teams, group owners, just as on Facebook, are able to moderate communities within their groups. They are able to set rules that result in people or content being removed from the group. This will make it possible for one to create both virtual as well as real-world events with the help of this tool. This event or group can be accessed by sending friends an email, a phone call, or QR codes that can be scanned. There is currently only a mobile version of the Communities feature. However, Microsoft has assured us that it will also be available in the desktop version in the near future.

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Additionally, the company has announced its plans to make SignUpGenius accessible to help people organize fundraisers, charity events, and other worthy causes. This will enable them to enlist the help of volunteers by providing access to SignUpGenius. In early 2023, we intend to launch this feature as soon as possible.

There may be some excitement around the community feature on Microsoft Teams. However, it just serves to demonstrate that the company is refocusing its efforts away from its actual role which is about workplace collaboration. The addition of this feature will make this platform an app that allows users to interact with others.

The company launched casual games last year to encourage people to play when on break or while working with colleagues. The company’s first move was to change the domain in which the app operates. There is no question that the company is not creating a social app with Team, but rather distributing the functions of other apps on it. Let’s wait and see how things turn out.


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