The trade embargo which has been established by the government of the United States has gone a long way in impacting the Huawei’s smartphone business. And with Huawei trying to figure out how to get out of the mess they’ve been put in; the company is now to deal with yet another blow – this time at the hands of Microsoft. Sources now report Microsoft has stopped accepting new supply requests from Huawei Technologies, after the Huawei was added to a US blacklist which goes on to prevent the Chinese company from purchasing American technology.

Huawei has been in business with Microsoft as consequence of the American company proving Windows operating system for laptops, along with other content-related services. As far as the Windows OS on existing Huawei PCs go, these won’t actually be affected by this move, and will indeed by eligible for updates as well as security patches.

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It has just been about a week since Huawei and its subsidiaries were put on a trade blacklist which went on to limit it from the purchasing of software and parts from companies based in the States without proper authorization. And while the ban was recently suspended for 90 days, it still comes as a surprise that more companies are announcing compliance. Many experts have suggested that such a ban is placed for Huawei in order for China  to bow down and agree to the trade terms provided by the US.

It is now expected that there will indeed be a settlement between the two nations, with it also being expected that the ban too will soon be lifted. However, if this does not end up being the case and the ban persists, Huawei will not be able to release a PC with Windows as its while it lasts.


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