Mid to Large-Sized OLED Panels have Gained Immense Popularity

Mid to large sized OLED panels have gained immense popularity

Data coming in from market research firm in UBI Research goes on to indicate that the OLED panel market – especially that of consisting of mid-to-large sized units – has gone on to see a massive surge in demand in global terms – over the first quarter of this particular year. This proceeded on to drive sales to a rather impressive 156% from the previous levels in Q1, 2020.

The mid-sized, as well as large-sized OLED panels, are indeed used for the sake of TVs, monitors, notebooks and also tablets. The 10-inch panel actually happens to be the lowest within this particular set. In accordance with what UBI research has to say, sales coming in from this particular segment proceeded on to account for in and around $1.45 by the billion – which is 17% better than Q4 of last year, however, when taking into consideration the year on year factor, thus was about 156% higher compared to last year’s corresponding sales.

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Both the Notebook as well as TV OLED panels actually contributed rather significantly to this particular figure, as TV OLED panel shipments are about 1.6 million units in the three months which had ended March 31, 2021. The corresponding Notebook OLED panel shipment was about 1.1 million units. With such numbers, TVS actually accounted for about 82% of the total sales.

OLED panels which are actually smaller than that of ten inches also experienced a surge with regards to their shipments out of South Korea over the course of the first quarter. About 140 million units had been shipped during this period – showing off a 32.4% growth, however, there was a marked decline coming in from the previous quarter. These happen to be the panels that are deployed to smartphones, smartwatches as well as other small devices. The research firm goes on to place Samsung as being the leading supplier of OLED panels courtesy of the company’s display arm in Samsung display. The Korean manufacturer accounts for 79% of small panel shipments while LG accounts for 11%.


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