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Mike Tyson once interviewed a “Serial Killer”, he’s glad the killer liked him though

The baddest man on earth, Mike Tyson almost narrowly escaped death at the hands of a very well-known serial killer, just because of his status of being a major celebrity. In an interview held back in 2017, along with one DJ Whoo Kid, could have cost Tyson his life. The interview at the time was held as a promotional stunt set up in a bid to increase viewership for one of Tyson’s upcoming fights. Only later, did the fighter realize that this was one of his many interviews with the wrong guy. 

Shortly after his interviews went live at the time, he began getting followed by a lot of FBI agents. In his oblivious state of mind however, Mike Tyson worried whether he had done something illegal the night before but later found out that this wasn’t the case. He narrates that “I did a interview with this guy … like I’m doing a interview with this guy right now. And so when he’s not interviewing, this guy goes out shooting people. And so, all the FBI—FBI surrounded my whole gym, and I went out that night, so I’m saying, ‘Did I grab somebody’s ass or something?’ All the cops were around. I said ‘Nah, if I grab somebody’s ass, the FBI wouldn’t be here, right?’ As per in accordance with a report from ABC News, the killer was Phoenix-based gunman who went by the name of, Dale Hausner, a man who was responsible for many drive-by shootings of pedestrians, cyclists, horses and even dogs. 

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Later when the authorities explained the dangers of this encounter, he was left in utter shock, even the best of fighters would fear a serial killer we presume. Mike Tyson further adds that , “They showed me the picture of me and him, I was on [his website] and we were shaking hands, and I said, ‘If I did anything or said anything—because you know I promoted my fights and I gotta talk tough—if I offended him, I’m sorry and the cop looked at me and said, ‘No Mr. Tyson, he likes you, he didn’t like the 15 people he shot and the nine that he killed. I said, ‘I’m so glad he liked me.’”, laughing at what was once a very complicated and shocking situation. 


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