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Millions of Twitter users’ emails, phone numbers, and more exposed by a massive hack

The Twitter platform looks as if it is not yet out of the woods, as it has suffered a huge data breach that has exposed the private user data of millions of its users. The worst part is that it was done by taking advantage of the same vulnerability that was exploited last time, which already allowed over 5.4 million Twitter users to have their private information exposed to the outside world.

The UK’s BleepingComputer website has reported that a new data dump is being offered as a free download, but this breach is more damaging than last time as it involves more than 10 million people this time round. The dark web has been reported to have sold this information during the process.

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It has been reported by security researcher Chad Loder that the leak has revealed the phone numbers of people, their verified statuses, their account names, their Twitter IDs, their biographies, and even their screen names. Originally, Loder published this finding on his Twitter account. However, he was banned from the platform shortly afterward for allegedly releasing this information on the platform. His findings have now been re-posted on Mastodon where he is now participating in discussions.

A Twitter data breach that aaffectedmillions of EU and US accounts had just been disclosed to Loder, and he said he had just learned of the breach. In order to confirm the accuracy of the leak, he contacted a phone number belonging to one of the victims. Bleeping Computer, which analyzes over 1.3 million phone numbers in France in order to verify the breach, believes that the incident must have occurred no later than 2021.

There is still no official word from Twitter regarding the matter, and we will have to wait and see what they will do as it is still unclear how this will be handled in the future.


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