Xiaomi’s latest software version, MIUI 9 has been in beta for quite the while, and we have seen quite a lot of its features surface in rumors before. However, today is the day that Xiaomi chose to unveil the curtain on its latest OS, and has also revealed a detail regarding all the details of the improvements that it has made, since the previous iteration of the software. However, it is also true to say that there is nothing really breath-taking here.

For one, Xiaomi has stated that the new version of the OS MIUI 9 will feature with faster app launching speeds, however, you would expect this to be the case with the release of any new OS, wouldn’t you? I mean, after all, enhancement in the performance is amongst the main reasons for users to upgrade. The so called Dynamic resource allocation isn’t all that impressive either. This algorithm gives apps that are currently in use priority access to system resources, improving their performance and stability. But it isn’t quite clear how this is new — Android already prioritizes foreground processes when it comes to system resources. Another addition which comes in the presence of a Split Screen feature, a feature which has been a part of the Android Nougat, ever since its initial public release.

The last and other three features are only limited to China, down to the fact that the Chinese language itself plays a part in their usage. Amongst the three, the first China-only improvement is the Image Search.  Xiaomi users will now be able to filter their photos by keywords, like in Google Photos. The second feature which comes in MIUI 9 as the Smart Assistant, which is Xiaomi’s rival to Google’s assistant, Siri, and Alexa, but it could take a while before this assistant causes any problems for its ‘supposed rivals’.

The last main feature to be added is that of the Smart App Launcher, which allows users to launch specific apps based on the current content of their screens. If for instance, your friend sends you an SMS with a street address, you will be able to launch the navigation app straight from the messaging screen, saving time which might be considered valuable.


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