MIUI beta adds a performance mode

MIUI beta 21.6.28

MIUI happens to be the official mobile operating system for Xiaomi based on Android. The company is known for releasing weekly beta builds with bug fixes, improvements as well as new features. The latest release of the software goes on to add a brand new feature – which currently seems to still be under testing.

In accordance with a popular tipster, the newly released MIUI beta 21.6.28 build brings along a new toggle which happens to be called “Performance mode” under battery settings. As per the tipster, this feature is only available on select smartphones.

He proceeded on to enable this particular toggle on his unnamed Xiaomi phone via the aid of a special prop. However, the feature doesn’t actually seem to work for him as he tried it on the MIUI EU port of the MIUI beta 21.6.28 software build.

In any case though, if you are indeed running the said MIUI beta build on your smartphone, then do let us know if you see this particular feature on your device. And if so, then tell us how it works for you.

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For now, it’s not exactly known when the new “Performance mode” will be available on to the stable channel. Even if it does, we expect that it will go live in China first of all and then other regions will follow.

Just recently, the Chinese brand proceeded on to establish ‘MIUI Pioneer Group’ so as to improve MIUI based on feedback from users. The newly added feature comes as a result of this particular injrio, as per Jin Fan – who happens to be the general manager of MIUI experience.

All in all, though this is of course good news as yet another feature is now introduced for the users. This proves that Xiaomi is continuing to innovate and is continuing to serve its customers and attain more and more of the available market share.


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