On the occasion of Pakistan Day, the mobile phone service will remain partially suspended this week in the twin cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Rehearsals of parade

Yesterday while the armed forces were practising the Pakistan Day’s rehearsal at Shakarparhiyan Parade Ground, the mobile phone service was suspended for few hours. Pakistan Army, Air force, Navy, Frontier Corps, Northern Light infantry, Mujahid force and other forces participated in the rehearsals.

Uninformed suspension of services

Usually, when the mobile services are to be suspended, the ICTA informs the public, but no such announcement was made for yesterday. It is told that due to security reasons, agencies did not announce the suspension.

The recent wave of terrorism is one of the reasons the service will remain closed. It is expected that services will again be suspended on March 21 when full dress rehearsals will be carried out.

Confidential orders of suspended services

The orders to suspend services were given by PTA in the last minute and it was to be kept confidential. It is expected that government might also shut down the 3G and 4G services on Pakistan Day.

The government has been shutting down the cellular services on many occasions before on National and Religious holidays to avoid any security mishap.


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