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Internal documents reveal that a new flagship is in the works for Nokia

So a couple of years ago, HMD Global announced the comeback of what was perhaps the greatest brand in mobile phone technology, Nokia. Since the re launch of the great brand, Nokia has released some pretty amazing smartphones which have provided some competition to many companies out there. Recently, HMD Global’s official internal document surfaced which has revealed the company’s future plan regarding their upcoming smartphones, which were leaked over the internet. In addition, the document has given us a few or so details of the features that may come in the upcoming devices. 

Perhaps the most interesting thing of the new leak is that we found out that a phone named Nokia 10 is in development by the company and from what we think, it is going to be a successor to the newly launched Nokia 9 PureView. Furthermore, the document has not listed any any specifications in regards with the phone but has instructed that the employees should not talk about the impending smartphone in any case.

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Moving on, the large part of the document was dedicated to future plans that  include making it to the top three smartphone manufacturers in the next five years. Other than that, HMD Global has set its plans on promoting their Smartphones by putting in them the latest of Google’s innovations and this is not particularly surprising given the fact that Google and Qualcomm have both invested quite a lot in the the company about two months ago. One of HMD Global’s key selling points will be “Pixels for every price category” with clean Android, the way Google wants it. 

Finally, the document has mentioned the guidelines regarding future Nokia events that are to follow and one of them is to not compare Nokia phones directly to other . As per the document, the key markets that the smartphone manufacturer aims to target are India, China, Russia, Indonesia, the UK, Germany, South Africa, Mexico, and the USA.


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