Registration of mobile phones have become a high priority act under the new government which take several measures to decrease the import and access of illegal phones. Amid all these measures, it has become vital for all current mobile users to register their phones to prevent their phones from being banned access to mobile networks and deadlines have been given. Additionally, the government made it easier for the registration of phones by compiling a list of all the CMO (Cellular Mobile Operators)’s franchises where mobile registration is possible. A statement is available on the official website:

In order to facilitate consumers wanting to register their mobile devices’ IMEI, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) through Cellular Mobile Operators (CMOs) has made mobile registration service available at CMOs’ franchises nationwide. List of all franchises & customer service centres are available at:

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Tayyaba Iftikhar, the Assistant Director of PR, made the above-mentioned statement which was a good sign for people who now had the chance of getting to know the fastest way of getting their phone registered and encouraged more people to do the registrations process. However, that seems to be not possible currently, with the website out of order. The website is taking too long to respond, and as of now, none of those trying to access the site, have been unable to do so and this minor hiccup is to be detailed to the authorities for an earliest fix to get it back running. The screenshot below is the situation for majority of users:

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