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Mobile robots will be used to deal with disasters & accidents in Pakistan

AI (Artificial Intelligence) can do wonders if we used it to handle disaster and crises in the country. In this regard, the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications (MoIT) is developing intelligent mobile robots (IMR) to deal with emergency situations.

The objective behind to develop these mobile robots is to handle disaster situations like terrorism, industrial fires, floods, and earthquakes more easily.

The robots will be using AI and computational capabilities and be equipped with modern sensors and communication devices to deal a disaster more accurately than humans.

The robots will be talented in areas like detection, extinguishing the fire, object detection, finding a target and collision avoidance. Furthermore, the robots will exhibit autonomous and manual control.

In case of Pakistan, the robots will be more effective to due to their small size as they can extinguish fire in risky and dangerous areas where rescue operations can’t be easily conducted.

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Since, there are some areas in Karachi and Lahore where most of the old factories are still in residential areas. Hence, it’s always s tough task to perform a rescue operation in these kinds of areas. IMR can definitely perform critical operations and ultimately save lives during such hazardous conditions.

To help this project Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology is working as a principal investigator organization and the ministry is working on the project through the National ICT Research and Development Fund.

According to the details, the cost of this on-going project is approximately Rs14.68 million. The best thing is these IMRs will be built in-house. So, they will be available for local industries, hospitals, and offices as well, to act as a workforce in the respective domains.

Keeping in a view that industrial sector of Pakistan is huge with several industrial units ranging from cement manufacturing, dying units, steel, glass, paints and many others in which heavy machinery is utilized and accidents which sometimes take lives are frequent in such cases. In order to alleviate such difficult events, IMR’s will be ready to lend a hand.

In addition, these robots can be effectively utilized Despite the fact that currently small-scale IMRs are available in market, but due to their manual control it is difficult to manage and even the experienced personnel cannot give an assurance of a successful mission.

So, these mobile robots will certainly give an edge to already available facilities and will be useful to handle in adverse circumstances such as in harsh weathers for surveillance investigation, tracking, rescue operation and map generation as well.

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