Mobile Versions of Some of Sony’s Popular PlayStation Games

Mobile versions of some of Sony popular PlayStation games

Some of the more top-rated as well as iconic Sony PlayStation games are soon to find their way on another platform: as mobile applications and hence to a wider audience. This of course in accordance with what Jim Ryan, who happens to be the boss of Sony Interactive Entertainment has said. The Japanese brand has gone on to claim that its expansion into mobile applications will commence at the start of the year and the rollout will see of the company’s highly successful PlayStation franchises into mobile. Ryan spoke at the Investor Relation Day event that Sony took part in and then hinted that this could be the year that could see Sony take steps so as to bring PlayStation IP to mobile – all of which could result in an exponential increase in the whole audience presented.

This extension-making way into the mobile gaming for Sony could mean that the PlayStation brand as a whole could see the significant transformation – by and large due to the fact that the company will not have much greater access to a larger set of customers as well as possibly increased returns – courtesy of its mobile gaming applications. Indeed many of the top-rated, as well as successful console games, have been seen transiting to the much larger audience of mobile in the more recent years. Microsoft, Nintendo, Fortnite as well as Google – all have been making concrete moves so as to join the mobile gaming bandwagon.

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The reason behind such an approach of course is the fact that the possibilities that are brought on thanks to mobile gaming, as well as the overall options, seem to be pretty promising as well as endless. Of course, while Sony might not expect any returns on its foray into the mobile gaming applications in the short term, the company could end up witnessing massive returns when its mobile infrastructure and games lineup becomes rather well established. The plan for now though is to take a path of continuity in expanding the list of games being deployed to mobile while at the same time going on to ensure that feedback is factored into the releases that go on and take place subsequently – all of course to grow the mobile applications ecosystem of PlayStation games!


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