Model dies during a model catwalk show in Brazil

Model dies during a model catwalk show in Brazil
Model dies during a model catwalk show in Brazil

So here is some news which you may not find everyday, it has been revealed that during a catwalk show at the Sao Paulo Fashion week a Brazil model died unfortunately on the foregone Saturday after hecollapsed while performing his catwalk. It should also be noted that this was the last show scheduled for the  major event and while the event is regarded as one of the top most important events of the year, it is really unfortunate to hear the passing away of a model. The organizers as well as the general community, not to forget all the other models who were a part of this event were sad to see a fellow model, citizen and participant pass away.

In addition to that the organizers released a statement which revealed the following: “SPFW has just received the news of the death of model Tales Soares, who suddenly got ill during the Ocksa show,” the organization did not however give away any details on what the cause for the death was and many people are awaiting the news on that matter. Moving on, according to the event that took place, the 26-year-old model suddenly fell while he was turningback to leave the runway.Medics immediately came to aid the model in front of horrified people who could not understand what just happened, according to local media reports

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SPFW added that Tales Soares was immediately taken to hospital, where he was pronounced dead. “We offer our sincere condolences to the Tales´ family,” said the agency, while the Modeling agency that Tales was signed with namely, Label Ocksamade a post on Instagram in which they mentioned that there  entire team was “shocked” by the death their valuable model, TalesSoares. Undoubtedly such news always comes as dreadful to the people who follow a particular event, not only that but the trauma that his family will have to face is another element which saddens the souls of even the hardest of men. Lesson here is that ‘life is short, make most of the time you have’


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