In the last few days, foreign media reported that the Tesla Shanghai factory will be closed from December 25 through January 1 next year during the suspension of production of Tesla’s electric car Model Y.

As per the source, the decision was made due to a significant drop in orders, which was part of Tesla’s previously developed plan to reduce production by 30 percent, and such a suspension of production would result in a decrease of about 30 percent in Model Y production compared to November as a result of the suspension.

A Tesla internal staff member responded to this by saying, “Not true, why should production be suspended? The rumors are very strong.”

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Tesla China sources also responded with untrue information last week, stating that the production of its Model Y at the Shanghai factory was reduced by about 20%. That news was also reported by Tesla newspapers last week.

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The retail sales of new energy passenger cars in November exceeded 598,000 units, which is a 58.2% increase over the previous month and a 7.8% increase over last year, of which Tesla China accounted for 10.5% of the market share. The number of wholesale units reported by Tesla China for November was 100,291 units, while the number of units exported was 37,798 units. A further 52,424 units of the Model Y were sold alone in addition to the other models.


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