Mohammad Hasnain’s bowling action cleared by ICC

Mohammad Hasnain

Today, the Pakistan Cricket Board announced that fast bowler Mohammad Hasnain was found to be legally bowling after his elbow extension during the reassessment was within 15 degrees of the tolerance allowed under the ICC Illegal Bowling Regulations.

He can now bowl in international cricket as well as all domestic cricket around the world.

Following tests on Hasnain’s bowling performance at the ICC’s Lahore accredited testing center on 21 January, Hasnain was removed from bowling. Cricket Australia’s independent expert reviewed the test report and found that Hasnain’s bowling actions were illegal.

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Hasnain was subject to a reassessment on his bowling performance at the ICC’s Lahore-accredited testing center. The report was then verified by Cricket Australia’s independent experts as required by the ICC regulations.

In January, Cricket Australia’s domestic cricket competition reported that Mohammad Hasnain had taken a suspicious bowling action.


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