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Mohammed Shami estranged wife signs movie

Soon the Bollywood fans will be able to see estranged wife of Indian cricketer Mohammad Shami in Amjad Khan’s upcoming film.

Haseen Jahan has signed Amjad Khan’s film titled “Fatwa ” and her debut in Bollywood is not less than a shock for Shami’s fans as she has made statement claiming that she is not happy but compelled to join Bollywood.

Hasin Jahan is the former model and cheerleader in the Indian Premier League (IPL) and the recent reports have disclosed that she has signed director Amjad Khan’s next film titled Fatwa.

While she was talking about signing the film, Haseen said, “I had to do something to earn a living for myself and my child. I did not have any other option. I was approached by director Amjad Khan for a film to which I agreed. I also need money for the legal fight.”

The film Fatwa will make us see Haseen playing the role of a journalist and the film will go on the floors in October this year.


The Bollywood star of the future made allegations of adultery, domestic violence, rape and match-fixing against her husband, cricketer Mohammed Shami, earlier this year.

She also added, “All the legwork is being done and shooting would begin in October if everything goes according to plan, A few days ago, the former model also did a photoshoot & shared the video on her Twitter handle.

The director of upcoming film Fatwa, Amjad Khan clarified that he has signed Haseen Jahan for the film not because of the controversy but because it was the demand of the script.

According to Amjad Khan Fatwa is based on a riot which sparks off in Bengal and spreads in different parts of the country.

 The main 2 characters are two painters – one of them a Hindu & the other a Muslim and Jahan plays role of a reporter who is an important character to bring two together. Amjad Khan said that he had known Haseen for a long time and since this reporter is a very strong woman with a fighting spirit, she was his first choice as “she fits in like a glove.”

Saba Imran
Saba Imran
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