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MoIT introducing “work from home policy” for Female Workers

Like many other countries,  Government of Pakistan is stepping forward to facilitate the women with such opportunities that they can utilize their skills and intelligent to contribute in the progress of Pakistan.  “Work from home policy ” initiated by the female workers of the ministry by Ministry of Information Technology is one of these steps.

This policy will help the female workers working for the Ministry of IT to choose one day from the week to avail the opportunity of working from home. Now the concept of working from home is not a foreign concept anymore,  as the advancement of technology has made it possible staying connected and remote working.

Mrs . Anusha Rehman,  Minister for Information Technology revealed that the purpose of  Work from home policy is to facilitate the female officers. A special notification was issued from her for this regard.  She stressed upon female officers to avail this facility in a responsible way, as their responsible behavior would save their accessibility, communication, and productivity from sufferings.

Like many bloggers and freelancers who opt for their unique field of work to complete their tasks while sitting in their bedrooms to earn money, the government of Punjab has initiated an E-Rozgar program to teach people how they can earn money from home.

This step of the Government of Punjab is really appreciatable as it will help women of Pakistan to make their career.  This facility will help women in earning money and flourish theirs in their work. And for this purpose, they would not have to sacrifice their family and house.

This step of work from home policy will enable women to cope with the added responsibilities and stress. And the utility of this step will make it possible that their productivity and creativity is appreciated by the Ministry.


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