For the momentum growth in Pakistan’s population exceeding a round figure of 200 million, youth being the giant portion of the whole pie, more employment opportunities is the need of hour. Statistics reveal that approximately 4 million people are pursuing jobs in the markets with insufficient job opportunities. This problem has been raised and tended to be solved by bringing up the fundamentals of telecom, investors, incubators, startups and universities together, for which, an event “momentum” is going to be organized.

For those who are in pursuit of developing a healthy and strong environment for the startups, the conference would be fruitful to attend. The event will be held on February 6th and 7th, 2017 at Expo Center Karachi. Around 5000 attendees will be present there while175+ startups will be aimed.

Global tech giants and Momentum Pakistan are now collaborating, the tech companies including Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Acumen and Enclude. Our strategic partners and this very conference will help the participating startups to access the programs and assistance from us, besides the Amazon web services credit and Mircrosoft Azure cloud services for eligible startups.

National and international speakers will be there to speak over these startups with an aim of educating the participants. The event will also comprise of depicting the tough competition which will be held between the latest innovative products and services from leading local startups etc. this will be followed by choosing out 3 finalist for the finale while the winner of pitch at Momentum 2017” will win an award of PKR 2 Million..

This event will surely prove itself to be the cause of bringing upon an enormous change in the history of startups within Pakistan. What we expect from government organizations like State Bank of Pakistan, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and Security and Exchange commission of Pakistan, is there support in building up a beneficial and progressive entrepreneurial eco-system.


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