In the face of the ongoing crisis in Gaza, where the healthcare system has crumbled, more than 1,000 compassionate health professionals have stepped forward to provide their services to those in need. This remarkable act of humanity was unveiled by Dr. Zahid Latif, Chairman of Al-Khidmat Health Foundation, in an interview with a local news outlet. The selfless individuals who have registered to serve in Gaza include a diverse range of medical experts, with a significant presence of female doctors, highlighting the breadth and depth of their dedication. In this article, we will delve into the details of this heartwarming endeavor, exploring the scope and challenges these healthcare heroes face as they seek to heal the wounded and restore hope in besieged Gaza.

A Glimpse at the Heroes

The 1,000+ medical professionals who have committed themselves to the cause of Gaza are a beacon of hope in a dark and dire situation. Among these selfless souls, 400 are female doctors, underscoring the vital role women play in the medical field. The registered healthcare experts encompass a wide spectrum of specializations, from orthopedic and vascular surgeons to general practitioners. Additionally, anesthetists, pediatric surgeons, emergency and critical care specialists, and gynecologists are among those who have volunteered their services.

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Gaza’s Healthcare Crisis

The healthcare system in Gaza is facing unprecedented challenges. Multiple health facilities have been reduced to rubble by Israeli airstrikes, leaving the already fragile healthcare system in shambles. Tragically, dozens of doctors and paramedics have lost their lives while attempting to provide care in these perilous conditions. The Ministry of Health in Gaza reported that more than 18,000 individuals have been injured, with a significant number lacking access to essential medical supplies.

A Cry for Help

Dr. Zahid Latif revealed that the Al-Khidmat Health Foundation has reached out to the World Health Organization (WHO) at both the country office in Islamabad and the WHO EMRO head office in Cairo, Egypt. They have informed these organizations about the Pakistani healthcare specialists who are eager to serve in Gaza. However, the critical green light from the WHO and its partner organizations to dispatch these healthcare professionals to the neighboring country of Israel, with the intention to serve in Gaza, remains pending. The delay in approval underscores the complexity of the situation and the challenges in organizing this humanitarian mission.


The commitment of over 1,000 healthcare professionals to serve in besieged Gaza is a testament to the indomitable spirit of human compassion. These brave individuals are willing to put their skills and lives on the line to alleviate the suffering of those caught in the midst of conflict. The crisis in Gaza demands immediate and concerted international efforts to ensure that the dedicated volunteers can effectively reach and serve those in need.


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