The Sony Playstation 5 happens to be Sony’s very latest gaming console that has made its way around. Back in July of this year, Sony proceeded to announce that its latest console crossed the ten million sales mark which made sure that it is indeed the fastest selling console in the history of Sony. 

And now, the latest reports surrounding the console go on to show that Sony has actually sold more than 13 million units of the console already. In accordance with what a second quarter report with respect to Sony’s internal fiscal year which ended September 30 goes on to claim, the Japanese giant managed to sell around 3.3 million units. This figure goes on to represent an amount more than the sum of both the TVs as well as the Ps4 consoles that the brand managed to sell within the very same period. 

The report also then ended up revealing an increase of one million units from the last quarter. The last generation console from Sony in the Ps4 saw its sales drop from 500,000 units in the first quarter to 200,000 units in the second quarter. 

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Nonetheless, coming back to the latest console in the Ps5, Sony is still undergoing the issue of supply as the console still isn’t readily available to buy. So all in all, one would have to imagine then that had there been little to no supply issues, the sales numbers that Sony has recorded would probably have been even higher. 

The brand then also revealed that it actually managed to sell 76.4 million Ps5 as well as Ps4 games in the last quarter – a figure which represents an increase from the 63.6 million figure which was cemented in Q1 of the fiscal year. It also saw Playstation Plus subscribers grow from 46.3 million units to 47.2 million. The only unfortunate news for Sony in respect to this regard came going along the lines of monthly active users on the Playstation Network dropping from 105 million to 104.


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