Moroccan students welcomed by Chinese universities

Moroccan students welcomed by Chinese universities

China welcomes the Moroccan students with its more than 80 business partnerships in Morocco.

China is opening its doors for the Moroccan students to strengthen the existing relationship between both the countries,  Sun Shuzhong, the Chinese Ambassador to Morocco, has recently announced a plan to encourage more Moroccan students to get a chance to complete their academic qualifications at Chinese universities.


In May, At the China Higher Education Exhibition, the Chinese ambassador and staff from Chinese universities highlighted 22 well-known universities in the country, while explaining the benefits of studying abroad in China.  They also discussed fields of specialization for transportation, geology, science, foreign languages, finance, industry, aerospace, and other fields.

In addition to the earlier strong economic ties, the Chinese ambassador is hopeful to see more educational cooperation between the two countries.

Morocco has been ranked as the first Arab country for launching a Chinese state-affiliated institution, the Confucious Institute, last March.


China is highly ambitious to achieve its goals of increment of its strength of international students.  China has enough resources to encourage growth in Morocco, with more than 2,800 institutions of higher education, educating 36 million students, and $563 bn of its budget to the educational sector.

The announcement for the project was made at the “China Higher Education Exhibition” on Thursday, May 11, 2017, at Mohammed V University in Rabat. The exhibition was organized for the first time in Morocco, with the aims to showcase Chinese higher-education institutions, and informing Moroccan students about opportunities to study in China to get indulged in a blooming career building era of their academic life.

The exhibition held on 11th of May highlighted 22 renowned universities from around the country. These universities are specialized in the fields of transport,  geology, science, foreign languages, finance, industry, geology, science, aeronautics and many other fields of study.

The announcement of the offer is a great step that will strengthen the relationship between both the countries.


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