The Moto G5s Plus – premium in a decent price

The Moto G5s Plus - premium in a decent price
The Moto G5s Plus - premium in a decent price

The Moto G line has been known to be a bit of fan favorite, especially amongst the people looking for budget phones to satisfy their day to day needs. The love for this line has grown to a huge extent and is continuing to grow. Now, the company is looking to further enhance this already strong relationship with its customers, with reportedly not one, but three phones set to be released very soon. This is likely to happen on an event on the 25th of July.

The Moto G5s will soon be released, and it will come along a version of which is reportedly going to be a rather standard version, a “non-plus variants” if you must. Not only this, but we are also likely to be introduced to the Moto Z2 force. The G5s is likely to have much more quality than its fellow companion, the standard G5 Plus because it is likely to feature a premium aluminum chassis. While many of the internal specs are likely to remain unchanged, such as the phone featuring a Snapdragon 625 processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of internal storage, what really has been upgraded, and what really catches the eye is the camera.

The new camera that features is said to support dual 13MP sensors on the back of the phone, while an 8MP camera features on the front of the phone. The reason for this dual camera technology is to enable a blurred background effect, which we have already seen present on the likes of the OnePlus 5, and the iPhone 7, amongst the others. So this should be a very important factor for customers when considering the purchase of the G5 Plus, or the G5s Plus.


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