The Motorola G6 unfortunately enough is not available in North American countries, however, if you’re lucky enough to be counted in the category where it is, the latest upgrade to the Android 9 Pie will now be available for your Moto G6 device.

All with accordance to the Indian support page for the Moto G6 Plus, the OTA update notifications are now finally rolling out for the device, and if you can’t seem to wait for the update, then you’ll have to follow a simple batch of instructions I will provide below to achieve the update – for a manual update obviously.

The latest upgrade would to the Android 9 Pie on the Moto G6 bring along a vast amount of improvements, and these would stretch from the likes of adaptive brightness, to the likes of security enhancements, and also, various changes system – wide to UI elements.

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The phone is quite similarin both the design, as well as the specs when compared to the Motorola Moto X4, and this probably is amongst the reasons as to why the phone is not subject to being available in North American countries. The phone has a 5.9 inch IPS LCD screen, paired a Snapdragon 630 processor, a single camera consisting of a 12MP sensor on the rear, along with a 5MP RGB camera which is based on the front side of the phone. The phone also comes with a 3200mAh battery, and the retail price it comes with in the Indian market is that of $323.

So, now, let’s come back to the subject of the upgrade. To upgrade your Moto G6 Plus device to the Android 9 Pie manually, you’ll have to follow some very simple and basic instructions :

The Moto G6 Plus’ Android 9 Pie update ready

  1. Select the settings icon in the apps menu
  2. Select system
  3. Select system updates
  4. Select “Download and Install”.
  5. After the software is finally installed, all you’ll have to do is select “Restart Now”
  6. Finally, your phone will indeed be now updated


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