Motorola attempt to take Samsung’s foldable thunder is absurd

Motorola attempt to take Samsung's foldable thunder is absurd

Motorola has been in the process of preparing to launch the third folding phone from Motorola. If you didn’t catch the announcement, worry not. It’s not just you. Fans of foldable phones are eagerly awaiting Samsung to announce their Galaxy Z fold 4 as well as the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and the Galaxy Z Flip 4 in the coming week. The focus is on Samsung, the Korean tech giant and its next Unpacked event, which is scheduled for on August 10. In the midst of all the excitement, Motorola decided to try to take over Samsung’s market share by launching its own foldable phone called the Razr 2022.

We are not convinced by the idea that Motorola trying to take Samsung’s customers who use foldable phones a little absurd However, the OEM seems to be determined to make a loss.

Motorola initially had planned that the Razr 2022 phone that folds to be announced in August 2 which seemed just a bit way too far from Galaxy Flip’s announcement. Motorola cancelled the event on August 2 and later confirmed that Razr 2022 will be announced on August 11, one day before when the Galaxy Z Flip 4 goes live at Unpacked. This, according to us will put the OEM in a more negative situation.

Motorola’s mistakenly believing that courage means madness.

You can call it courage on Motorola’s part however, losing Razr’s Razr line to be buried in an era of massively more powerful Galaxy Z Flip 4 isn’t something we would call an accomplishment. It might appear that Motorola is trying to take on Samsung and is threatening Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip line, however the truth is quite something else.

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Motorola’s Razr line has a long tradition, but as shown by the two previous folding Motorola phones that the Razr name alone isn’t enough to take on Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip line. The initial two Razr phones did not threaten Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip series in any way, but Motorola from out of the blue — seems certain enough to take the thunder of Samsung after Unpacked 2022.

In addition it’s true that it’s clear that the Galaxy Z Flip lineup is not just the most loved foldable model around the globe in the end and the most important part of Samsung’s lineup. More than half of all phones that have been sold so far produced by Samsung or any other manufacturerinclude Z Flip 3s.

Even if the new Razr 2022 is more advanced than Z Flip 4 in terms of technology, Z Flip 4 (which it isn’t) but it’s going to be a rocky uphill climb. With over 50percent market share on one handset, Samsung is quite literally the leader in foldable devices and Motorola’s Razr line hasn’t done enough to compete with the Korean OEM within its home market.

At this moment, Motorola would probably be better to release brand new Razr handsets as much of the Galaxy Z Flip line as feasible. However, regardless of what we think about the Razr 2022 will attempt to be different on the 11th of August. Do you think it has an opportunity?


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