The China exclusive Motorola P30 was subject to release just a little while ago, and the release ignited rumors for leaks to be presented of the phone’s international version as well. Now we had seen leaks for both the Motorola One and Motorola One power, however, these were only rumors, and nothing was subject to concrete occurrence. But now, Motorola has finally put the rumors to bed once and for all, as the company has finally announced both the phones, and it’s now official that both of them will actually be coming.

Both the Motorola One and the Motorola one power are the company’s latest android one powered smartphone devices, and if the specs with regards to both the phones are anything to go by with the rumors in mind, then we are in for quite the treat, as both the devices look pretty impressive.

Even though the phones are official now, the official press release doesn’t actually contain all the specs, and leaves some blanks. As you would imagine, such a decision by the company has generated a hefty amount of controversy, but of course, this is based upon whatever report you happen to read.

Some reports have gone out to suggest that there would be three versions of the device and these are mentioned to be the 3, 4 and 6 GB RAM versions. These reports further seem to suggest that there would only be a 4GB version for the one, which actually leaves the question and doors open for the one power.

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Even though Motorola didn’t actually reveal the specs with regards to the phone, the company’s desire and commitment was there unquestionably. It Is clear that Motorola wants an update for both the one and one power – the update leading to Android 9 pie. In fact, it is true that the company says that the one family will actually be amongst the first to get the Pie update.

The price and the availability regarding the phones are not clear at the moment,however, if the recent reports or anything to believe, then it will cost around 299 euros in both Europe and Latin America as well as in Asia. It is expected that the phone will be coming towards the End of September or early October, and this would actually be true for Asian countries as it is expected that the phone will land in Asia in early October.


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