The Motorola P30 gets panned out as a ‘Blatant’ ripoff of the iPhone X

The Motorola P30 gets panned out as a ‘Blatant’ ripoff of the iPhone X
The Motorola P30 gets panned out as a ‘Blatant’ ripoff of the iPhone X

The Motorola P30 was announced  just earlier this week in China, because of the fact that Motorola’s parent company, Lenovo is based in China itself. The phone is another one of those midrange options that are made available to customers, and to say that this particular phone has the ability to outperform a flagship phone or go head to head with a flagship phone would be wrong, proven by the specs that the phone holds.

The specs and features that the phone holds are exactly of those that a mid range phone possesses, however the phone just seems to be getting a bit more attention then you’d expect for a normal mid range phone : and this attention is for all the wrong reasons, because people and experts are blasting Motorola for blatantly copying the iPhone X.

The iPhone X consists of a 5.8 inch screen, and while the P30 features a slightly bigger 6.2 inch display, this is as big a difference there is between the two phones. Of course, there are also a few minor differences going along between the physical appearances of the two phones, however, the two are very very identical. Many experts are stating that the phone is “by far the most iPhone X-like Android smartphone”. Also, Android authority slated the P30, referring to the phone as “one of the most shameless iPhone X ripoffs of the year”.

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But exactly how similar are the designs of the two phones? Why is it that everyone is slating the P30? Well, the similarities are quite endless. The P30 comes with rounded corners, an edge-to-edge screen setup, and also, much like the iPhone X, a notch on the top portion, which almost entirely resembles the iPhone X. Many experts have gone out to state that the only thing which differentiates the two phones from one another is the thin bottom bezel which is present on the P30.

Not only is the front same, both the resemblance continues going out on the back, as well. The P30 has a dual-lens rear camera, which is pretty much set up in an almost identical manner to the iPhone X itself. Even the logo placement was the same, with many experts humorously explaining that the only difference between the logos and their placements was the fact that the P30 features a Motorola logo, rather than an Apple logo. One thing though which has brought excitement with regards to the P30 is the fact that its logo will also feature as a fingerprint scanner. So maybe that’s another difference that goes along the lines.


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