Multi-window is a great feature that some phones possess because you can experience two different types of content at the same time. This may allow you to be more efficient, and also might save your time. A few years ago, when the idea of the multi-window was first implemented, it seemed a bit inconvenient because using multi-window on 4-inch screens just didn’t seem to be comfortable, but over the course of time, as our smartphones have tended to get bigger and bigger, the idea of using multiple-window has gotten much more practical and viable. OnePlus has certainly grasped the idea of using multi-window and has changed the dynamics of multi-window to a certain extent, in a bid to make it all seem a bit easier.

The use of multiple-window on the OnePlus 5 is actually quite easy. First of all, you have to have the apps that you want to be present in the split screen to be in the memory. What this means is that you simply have to have the apps just in the background, and not cleared out. Having the apps in the background can be achieved simply by hitting the home button. Basically, all you need to do is not to have the apps cleared, and you’ll be good to go.

The apps that you have in the background can be pulled out by using the recent button. From this onwards, long press on the first app, that is the app that you want to have on the top screen of the multi-window. It is also true that not all apps are eligible for the usage of multi-window, and OnePlus helps you out here too, by telling you what apps you can or cannot use, all you have to do is a long press on it.


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