Musk says verified Twitter accounts need to pay $8 a month

Musk says verified Twitter accounts need to pay $8 a month
Musk says verified Twitter accounts need to pay $8 a month

Reports emerged shortly after Elon Musk became the CEO of Twitter that those with verified accounts would have to pay a monthly fee if they wanted to keep using the service. We still haven’t determined the exact amount, but it’s official now, and every Twitter user will be charged $8 (RM37) per month through this new program.

Verified Twitter accounts pay $8 a month, Musk says

A blue tick is a symbol that is used on Twitter to signify a verified account for well-known public figures, brands, outlets and others that do not use Twitter. It seems counterintuitive to force official accounts to pay, but it would make it harder for people to identify the reliable sources as they might not have access to official accounts. Musk even went on to criticize Twitter’s current model for being a “lords and peasants system” in a recent interview.

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As for those who don’t use Twitter’s the blue tick signifies a verified account that belongs to someone in the public eye, such as a well-known celebrity, brand, outlet, or brand. As counterintuitive as it seems, it is possible that forcing people to pay to access official accounts would make it more difficult for them to determine the legitimacy of posts. Musk even went on to criticize the current Twitter system, describing it as a “lords and peasants system”.

You will also get:
– Priority in replies, mentions & search, which is essential to defeat spam/scam
– Ability to post long video & audio
– Half as many ads

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 1, 2022

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It should be noted that introducing a monthly fee has other advantages as well. It is widely known that Twitter hasn’t managed to earn any profit for years. Musk also wants Twitter to be less reliant on advertising as it in the future. In addition to this, Musk also mentioned the following:

  • Based on purchasing power parity, price adjustments are made based on country-specific factors
  • To defeat spam/scam, it is essential to have priority when responding, mentioning, and searching
  • Ability to post long video & audio
  • Half as many ads
  • Paywall bypass for publishers willing to work with us
  • Give Twitter a revenue stream to reward content creators
  • Those who are public figures will have a secondary tag below their name, which is already the case for politicians, as there is already a secondary tag for public figures
  • Speaking of advertising, several major brands have temporarily paused their ads on Twitter just to see the new policies and changes by Musk. But what do you think? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for more trending tech news at 


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