Uber has been quite an active company in recent days, only recently completing the takeover of its Asian counter-part, Careem, and establishing itself as a giant in the ride-hailing business throughout the world. Especially for Pakistan, this has been no less than a miracle, because of the production of thousands of flexible jobs that people could do on the side to finance their tuition or support their families. And since majority of the Pakistanis are owners of small cars like Mehran, Alto and Cultus, it was a major win-win situation as they could use these to earn some side-cash. However, latest decisions of the company to move Cultus from the Go to the Mini category has not been received well by the people.

Uber spokesman said that based on customer feedback, the company wanted to make Mini product sizable enough to serve its customer base. Not sharing any specific reasons for the downgrade, he added that only ‘few vehicle types have been shifted to Mini on the basis of what the rider’s value most in which product.’Uber website shows cars that fall in the Go category must be air-conditioned sedans of 2001 model onwards. Till the filing of this report, the company’s website lists Cultus in Go category.


Owners of Cultus have claimed that they those who do not follow guidelines should be punished and this should not become standard for all who consider that it is very harsh as it took a significant hit on the individual earnings of the people who found a clear-cut difference compared to previous earnings.

When reached, the company did not share the exact number of vehicles and drivers registered with it. A September, 2018 media report notes the company has created over 100,000 flexible economic opportunities.

According to sources, there are at least 10,000 vehicles of the said model/brand registered with Uber all over Pakistan, with some 3,000 in Karachi alone.


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