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The feud between Apple and Google seems to be never-ending

It is true that those battles of fanboys of Apple and Android are now limited, however, that doesn’t mean that any one of these fanboys doesn’t like to take part in the occasional banter. And if you’re a fan of iOS, then this story just as might be of great use to in the case of an argument with an Android fanboy.
A new survey was conducted by PCMag with regards to both Android and iOS, which went on to ask about 2500 mobile users from across the United States about their buying habits. Amongst the questions featuring the survey, there was one point of great prominence – focusing on mobile operating systems, and in particular, users switching from Android to iOS, or vice versa.
One of the main reasons why many people shift from iOS to Android is down to one main factor: the price gap. Simply put, buying an Android phone doesn’t empty your wallet, as there are many options which are there with regards to Android, many cheaper ones, too. With the total number of people asked in the survey, almost 29 percent stated that ‘better price’ was the main reason to shift from iOS to Android.
However, to counter this argument, a very large number of respondents claimed that the main reason they would or they are switching from Android to iOS is because apparently gives ‘better user experience.’
One argument to counter this one is that if you are not happy with the user experience you are given with your Android, then you are actually given the power to change your android experience. However, this isn’t actually the case with iOS. You are given what you are given with iOS, no changes allowed.
While most of the people that were asked as to why they would leave Android gave the answer of ‘better user experience’, there were also a substantial amount of users that stated that ‘better features’ was also a reason to leave Android for iOS, 25 percent of the respondents to be exact.
One interesting part of the survey concerned both Android and iOS, and not in a good way. According to the numbers, almost 56 percent of the respondents stated that they actually don’t care about the new smartphones releases, while 53 percent of the respondents went as far as to say that they will only replace a phone when it breaks. Not looking good for the new flagship phones now, is it?


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