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Need a job at Apple? The CEO Tim Cook wants you to possess these four qualities

The CEO Tim Cook reveals 4 traits that he is looking for when recruiting employees for Apple. If you want to be employed by Apple in the future, start making plans to develop these traits.

Who wouldn’t want to be employed by Google, Apple, Microsoft or one of the most prestigious tech companies worldwide do you think? The CEO Tim Cook now reveals 4 characteristics he’s looking at when hiring employees for Apple. If you’re aspire to be employed by Apple one day, begin making plans to develop these traits.

Recently, in an interview at an Italian graduation ceremony at a university according to CNBC, Cook said that Apple’s success is directly tied with its culture. In the same interview Cook spoke about the Apple CEO discussed the things that the company is looking for in potential candidates in the process of hiring.

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What are the characteristics that Apple is looking for when hiring an applicant?

CEO Tim Cook said that since Apple develops its products using teamwork, it’s essential that everyone works together. “We look for the fundamental feeling that if I share my idea with you, that that idea will grow and get bigger and get better,” Cook stated in a report by the magazine.

Other traits include “creativity and curiosity”. Apple’s CEO Apple explained Apple is looking for individuals who are able to think differently. “We look for people that think different — that can look at a problem and not be caught up in the dogma of how that problem has always been [solved],” Cook explained. In addition, when it comes to interest, Cook said he likes those who ask questions as children. “It’s a cliche, but there are no dumb questions,” Cook said.


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