Soon after the terror attack on Army Public School Peshawar, a National Action Plan was devised by the Government and the security forces. The main aim of this plan was to eradicate the roots of terrorism from the country. It’s been two years since then. The progress, transparency, and implementation of the plan are being monitored by the statistics released by the Ministry of Interior.

The report released by Ministry of Interior

The recent report released showed that over 17,000 cases have been registered and over 19,000 people have been arrested on the charges of hate speeches, they allegedly were using extremist content and were misusing the loudspeaker. 900 URLs have been blocked on the after the implementation of National Action plan. This report shows some big number of blockings and arrests.

The lack of transparency in the report

According to these facts and figures, the law and order situation is perfect in the country. The implementation of the National Action Plan is going tremendously. But nowhere in these reports have the interior ministry showed that on what charges the arrests were made or the websites were blocked.

Same is the thing in Karachi’s case. After the enforcement of the National Action Plan, the terrorism has decreased about 90% and targeted killing have reduced to 91%. This seems like a very successful policy but there is no account of the extra-judicial killings. No information is being given by the authorities about the killed people and what were they accused of.

Blocking the websites

According to the analysts, the crime in the country decreased after some website and the accounts of some particular organizations were banned. But nobody talks about the fear a normal citizen feels after the banning and arrests. The policy should have stuck to protect the citizens but it’s actually threatening the citizens. The arrests in the Facebook’s blasphemous content also have made citizens afraid of the state.

This environment of terror has created a negative image of the National Action Plan that was originally supposed to create an environment of peace and protection.


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