The Neematic FR/1 ebike seems to divide opinion. Some call it a motorbike, while others call it a bike. It primarily is probably a bike, but to a very low extent, surely! The Neematic FR/1 ebike is no ordinary bike, as it is the world’s most powerful electric bike. It does indeed have pedals, but that is as far as it goes to being similar to a traditional bike – the one on which we all learned how to ride, as the sight of our fathers pushing us down those inclined roads seems to be a memory all so fresh.

No other electric bike is quite like the Neematic FR/1 ebike, as no other bike can offer the specs, or the absolutely phenomenal instant acceleration that it can, and does provide. The bike can hit the top speed of 50mph, and has a range of 60mph, with a performance so impressive, it’ll melt your heart right out.

The FR/1 comes with not only throttle twist, but also pedal-assist power modes. The bike is mainly made purely for all the off-road fun that you can have, without the constant worry of the petrol unit weighing on your mind. Transporting this beauty on a bicycle rack and quickly charging the removable battery is an extremely easy thing to do. Not only this, but the bike comes with full suspension and arresting brakes.

The bikes which weigh around 52 kg, bring along a price tag of 7,075 pounds with it. Now you might be thinking whether or not it would be advisable to spend such a huge amount of money on a bike, but considering the power that this ‘bike’ possesses, and being the best in the world at what it does, it might be enough to change your opinion. And when I say is the best in the world at what it does, I mean it, because, with the performance that this beauty has got on it, it will surely be advisable for you to wear a helmet and whatnot.


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