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NEPRA will be in Investigating the electrocution cases which have taken place in Karachi

Following the recent rise in electrocution incidents in the city of Karachi and the various power outages the city has been facing the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority NEPRA have initiated a formal investigation against Karachi’s power and electricity organization, K-Electric, over the recent fatality cases which have taken place in the city and has caused some major issues for the people who now fear the foundations layed by K-Electric. No one if safe so please people, stay away from any electric wires and be cautious of any water damps near electricity lines and poles. fatal incidents and wide-scale outages have also increased following the monsoon season, so please beware of any hazardous situation.

Moving back on the subject, NEPRA have already taken notice of current crisus faced by the general public of Karachi and have in turn ordered an investigation under the section 27A of the Regulation of Generation, Transmission, and Distribution of Electric Power Act, 1997 against K-Electric and it seems that those in charge will have be held accountable. Furthermore, the recent monsoon rains have accelerated the current crisis as more cases of electrocution and power outages have surfaced causing fear and confusion in the city, flooding several major streets and highways.

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Moving on it is now believed that the respectable regulatory authority will be looking  into the potential violations of NEPRA codes, laws, standards, and other applicable documents by and if any of these regulations have not been met those in charge will be held accountable and will probably be sacked. The inquiry will make sure if any violation or non-compliance of law has resulted in loss of life or the suspension of power supply for the consumers residing in the city. The respectable authority have now appointed many senior and experienced officers to conduct a formal inquiry into the current matter and have been ordered to compile a report within 15 days, after which action will be taken against those involved in causing such a havoc.


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