According to a report by Bloomberg, Netflix is gearing up to introduce specialized physical stores where customers can shop, dine, and engage in various activities centered around their beloved movies and TV series. Among the proposed activities is an obstacle course inspired by the popular series “Squid Game.”

Netflix’s Vision for Physical Stores

Netflix, a streaming giant known for its digital content, is taking an exciting step into the world of brick-and-mortar retail. The idea behind these physical stores is to create immersive experiences for their dedicated audience. Netflix’s Vice President of Consumer Products, Josh Simon, mentioned the possibility of naming these stores “Netflix House.”

The “Netflix House” Concept

The concept behind “Netflix House” is to provide fans with a space where they can not only shop for merchandise but also dine and partake in activities inspired by their favorite Netflix shows and movies. This innovative approach aims to bridge the gap between the digital content and real-world experiences. It’s a move that seeks to enhance the connection between viewers and the content they adore.

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Initial Launch and Potential Locations

Netflix plans to launch the first two “Netflix House” stores in the United States by 2025. While the specific locations remain undisclosed at this point, Hollywood seems like a natural choice for Netflix to consider. Given its strong presence in the entertainment industry, it’s a prime spot for Netflix to make a significant impact.

In-Person Experiences for Fans

Netflix has already dabbled in providing in-person experiences tailored to fans of specific shows. For instance, they’ve organized party-based events inspired by the immensely popular series “Bridgerton,” held in various cities. These events allowed fans to immerse themselves in the world of their favorite show, showcasing Netflix’s commitment to delivering unique experiences.

Diversification vs. Content Promotion

While some may perceive this move as Netflix’s attempt to diversify its revenue streams, especially in light of its recent foray into gaming, it appears that, for now, this initiative primarily aims to promote its content rather than primarily boosting profits. The focus is on enhancing the viewer’s connection with the content they love.

Immersive Offerings for Netflix’s Enormous Audience

Netflix boasts a subscriber base of 238 million worldwide and a continually growing catalog of successful original content. The company believes that there is a significant demand for immersive offerings like “Netflix House.” Josh Simon expressed the company’s perspective by stating, “We’ve observed how much fans enjoy immersing themselves in the worlds of our movies and TV shows, and we’ve been exploring ways to take that experience to the next level.”

In these physical stores, everything will be closely linked to the movies and shows that are currently trending. This includes branded merchandise and clothing inspired by popular characters and themes. The restaurant menus will feature dishes from well-known cooking shows, and entertainment experiences will align with Netflix’s content, promising fans an unforgettable experience.


Netflix’s move to introduce physical stores is a bold and exciting step, signaling the company’s commitment to providing its audience with unique, immersive experiences. While diversification may be on the horizon, the primary goal is to strengthen the bond between viewers and their favorite Netflix content.

Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this immersive journey. Get ready to step into the world of your favorite movies and TV shows.


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