Home Business New 5 year tourist visa introduced as per UAE

New 5 year tourist visa introduced as per UAE

New 5 year tourist visa introduced as per UAE

On the 6th of January, 5 year tourist visa system was subject to approval by the UAE cabinet.

The obvious tourism boost 

Amongst the many perks that this would pose, it is highly likely to boost the tourism within UAE. People from all across the globe will now have the opportunity to descend upon UAE with increasing increase – all in all, the economy is only set for a further boost.

Medical tourism 

With the latest regulations imposed, medical tourism is also set for a boost. It has been claimed by experts that the industry was in need of such a provision, and while it wasn’t lacking before, the boost within it would without doubt be welcome.

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Ease of business travel

In recent times, UAE has also seen a rise in the department that is real estate. So with the increasing ease of travel that the latest visa regulations have provided, it is only likely that this particular line will see a further rise – considering the fact that many people across the globe visit UAE very frequently in order to oversee projects as well as conclude deals that lie therein. Not only this as the whole is also likely to make proceedings more cost-effective – especially for those companies that plan on to bring their employees to the UAE on a regular basis.

Employment opportunities

It goes without saying – employment opportunities will increase as more and more people will be looking to get a job. And with the ever increasing labor population provided at flexible rates and times – one would have to imagine that more and more people will be looking to invest within the area.

Ease of travel for residents planning a temporary relocation

With the law imposed before the five year visa plan, people were bound to come back to the UAE every six months in order to maintain the country’s residency. But with the latest law in motion, many will be looking to cancel the residence visa and instead take the 5 year tourist visa – giving users more freedom with how they approach the concept of residency.


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