A new addition to Drone Family; Hover Camera


Hover camera is a tiny,fold-able portable drone-­cum-­camera,which gives you an aerial option to take videos or Pictures.It is produced by a US Chinese company Zero Zero Robotics.It is expected to cost around 600$,but the actual price is not confirmed as yet.The wings of this drone are enclosed,ensuring safety when its hovering around.The device is made out of carbon fiber material,making it light and handy.The best part about this hover is that it is controllable by your smartphone.Making it easy for you to view your shots while you take them.And comes with a rechargeable battery.We are expecting to see this in the market in the next few months.CEO Zero Zero Robotics said that it will first be available in China,followed by America.Still no word on when it will go on sale in Europe and Asia though.hover-camera-front


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