New Android phone feature might just end up saving your life

New Android phone feature might just end up saving your life
New Android phone feature might just end up saving your life

If you have ever been in a state of emergency, you would know that second counts. Yet you can still manage to waste quite a bit of time because of the sheer pressure of the situation may not enable you to act as efficiently as you would in routine. The situation may cause you to fumble your words or indeed otherwise be unable to communicate with your emergency services contact. New Android phone feature might just end up saving your life.

And for this reason, Google has now introduced a solution. The company has made it so that a new Google emergency services features is now on its way to Android devices which will make way for you to quickly transmit integral information about both your location as well as the situation that you find yourself in – without needing to say anything at all.

With the feature in mind, any user will be able to quickly tap on three of the emergency situations which are optioned when a call to the emergency number is placed : with the three options consisting of Fire, Medical and Police. Once you choose an option, a voice will then proceed on telling the emergency services operator of your situation on your behalf.

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Not only this, as your phone will also automatically go on to transmit your GPS coordinates. However, this is nothing new as the feature has been there for quite a bit now.

This new voice helper will not only be of great help to those who need to get their message across in a quick and clear manner, but it will also be of great help for people who happen to have speech impairments or indeed those who are in a particular situation where they find it dangerous for them to speak.

Once the process for the transmission of information is done, you can always continue on to communicate with your respective responder, meaning that his feature has nothing but benefits for users.

First and foremost, Google will roll our the feature for its Pixel devices. The feature will be coming to the flagship Google devices “in the coming months,” and after this, one would imagine that other devices from various manufacturers would soon follow.


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