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New bug found affecting Google+

New bug found affecting Google+ Google took the decision of closing down the consumer version of its social networking site, Google+ all the way back in October, after it was found out that there had been around 500,000 members who had their user data profile exposed – with their date being revealed.

Sowhat led to Google taking such a step? Well, one of the reasons, and probablyin fact the biggest reason was the fact that a software bug, which was inrelation to the APIs used for Google+ allowed for more than 40 apps topotentially access not only the names of the users, but also their birthdates,emails, along with their profile photos. The privacy invasion was deemed alittle too high by Google, which lead to the eventual decision that we saw.

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It seems that the damage is in continuation, as Google has made an announcement today that some of the users of the social networking site have again been affected – this time, by a software update which made its introduction last month – and this contained a bug, which affected Google+ API. With the discovery of the new bug in mind, Google has decided to take upon the step of shutting down Google+ in April, instead of the previously thought August of 2019 – four months earlier than previously noted, and this goes on to show exactly how much damage there has been done to Google’s social networking site.

Aftera thorough investigation done by Google, the company commented on the issue bystating that nearly 52 and a half million users have been subject to victimizationin connection to Google+ API. The affected API had offered apps full access tothe profile information that a user had added to their Google+ profile, andthis included the likes of the names of the users, along with their emailaddresses, their occupations, along with their age – even if the particularprofile had been set to not-public.

New bug found affecting Google +

However, contrary to previous belief, the bug did not give the developers the more sensitive data, which includes information like financial data, national identification numbers, passwords, or some other types of data which might, or might not have been used for fraud or identity theft.


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