Earlier this month, Vivo unveiled the Vivo S15 and S15 Pro smartphones in China. Home market exclusivity has been maintained for these phones. It is alleged that the Vivo S16 series is now being prepared by the company. In addition to the Vivo S16, there is the Vivo S16 Pro, as well as the Vivo S16e, which is the simplest model.

Among the upcoming Vivo S-series phones, Chinese tipster Digital Chat Station revealed a Snapdragon 870 chipset and Density 8200. A Snapdragon 870 was equipped with the vanilla Vivo S15. The successor’s SoC appears to be the same.

This new Dimensity 8200 will replace the Dimensity 8100, which powers the Vivo S15 Pro, in the coming months. As a result, the Vivo S16 Pro appears to be powered by the Dimensity 8200 chipset.

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The Dimensity 1080 chipset is said to be powering the Vivo S16e, according to other reports. Vivo S16 series specifications have not yet been revealed.

Black, blue, and purple are likely to be the primary colors of the Vivo S16, while black, green, and orange-gold are likely to be the primary colors of the Pro model. The Pro variant is expected to include the Vivo V1+, which offers enhanced photography capabilities.

Vivo is expected to announce the launch of the S16 series in 2023.  Rumors are rife that Vivo will unveil the Vivo X90 series of smartphones in December this year. There will be a 1-inch camera sensor along with the Dimensity 9200 and Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipsets.


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