In the more recent years, fast charging technology in smartphones has gone on to see various advancements courtesy of breakthroughs in technology. These improvements have also indeed been made so as to make wireless charging more faster as well as more relevant in the market, however, Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is apparently in the works on making this technology even better – especially for the sake of foldable devices.

Indeed the Chinese giant has actually gone on to file for a patent titled “Wireless charging method and device, folding screen electronic equipment, storage media” back on the eight of January last year. And now, this patent has finally been granted and was spotted on the CNIPA. While the patent on its own doesn’t reveal any specifics with respect to fast charging technology or does it have any images of a particular device, it does go on to describe how fast charging tech on foldable phones could end up working.

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Interestingly enough, the foldable handset will also go on and support wireless charging from either half of its rear panel. And hence, regardless of whether it is folded or which side you have happened to have placed it on, the device will still support wireless charging even if only one-half is in contact with the wireless pad. In other words – the device would have the potential to charge with either halves or the entire unfolded rear panel as well – making the whole ordeal much more convenient for the users.

Moreover, the patent also goes on to state that the wireless charging device will actually first initiate a handshake communication with the foldable handset so as to obtain its supported charging type. This could then go on and enable the wireless charger to be much more efficient and would also shorten the time it would take to charge the foldable smartphone to full.


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